The School District of Osceola County, Florida

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809 Bill Beck Boulevard

Kissimmee, FL 34744

Phone:  407-518-2916      Fax:  407-518-2985

Office Hours:  7:30 to 4:30   Mon. - Fri.

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Clyde Wells, MBA

Chief Facilities Officer

809 Bill Beck Boulevard

Kissimmee, FL  34744


Office Hours:  7:30 to 4:30  M-F


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The School District of Osceola County, FL

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School Concurrency is the process by which a Local Government assures that necessary public facilities and services are provided consistent with the adopted Level of Service standards when the impacts of development occur, or at such other time as allowed by statute.


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Staff Contact Information
Personnel Title Phone# Internal Ext# Fax# E-Mail
Rhonda Blake Computer Mapping & Boundary Specialist 407-518-2954 65422 407-518-2985
Chris Crowe, P.E. Engineering Support Supervisor 407-518-2931 66330 407-518-2985

Nanette Moroni, A.I.C.P. Facilities Planning Specialist 407-518-2982 66341 407-518-2985
Carmen Velasquez Clerk Typist 407-518-2966 65421 407-518-2985
Lori Wall Facilities Planning Technician 407-518-2916 66334 407-518-2985